Facebook is making Instagram and WhatsApp employees get @fb.com email addresses because it tries to unify its whole.

Facebook is making Instagram and WhatsApp workers adopt Facebook-themed email addresses because the social network tries to integrate its family of apps ever-more closely together.

In an interview with Business insider at the Cannes Lions festival in France this week, Facebook’s global chief marketing officer Antonio Lucio said the corporate is trying to further unify its services. Facebook desires to make its ownership of the other apps much more clearly to users, he said — and the email change is a component of efforts to strengthen the core corporate brand.

The social network plans to make employees of its non-core services — photo-sharing platform Instagram, messaging app WhatsApp, and virtual reality firm oculus — transition to a @fb.com email addresses, ditching the service-specific email addresses they have traditionally used (@instagram.com, @whatsapp.com, or @oculus.com).

For years, Facebook has been content to keep its numerous apps at arm’s length, operating as independent team with significant autonomy ( and even separate bathrooms). However more recently, the $535 billion company is making an attempt to exert more centralized management, sometimes provoking tensions and concerns among employees. This move to scrap separate emails provides fresh insight into how Facebook is trying to drive internal unity among its disparate teams, alongside its efforts to make its public-facing services more cohesive.

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