Emily Ratajkowski jokes spouse Sebastian Bear-McClard isn’t an ‘Instagram husband’

Emily Ratajkowski and husband are apparently rent deadbeats and nightmare neighbors, in line with their landlord.

Millionaire movie-maker Sebastian Bear-McClard and model Emily Ratajkowski are apparently rent deadbeats and nightmare neighbors, in line with their landlord Antoni Ghosh.

Emily Ratajkowski revealed her husband Sebastian Bear-McClard’s Instagram skills are … lacking.

Ratajkowski spoke to people now this week. apart from sharing her No. 1 travel tip (spoiler: drinking a lot of water) and talking about the couple’s new puppy, Columbo,

Ratajkowski additionally discussed her popular Instagram account (the duel model/actress boasts over 20 million followers on the photo-sharing platform).

Ratajkowski said Bear-McClard “sometimes” takes photos for her account however noted he’s not a so-called “Instagram husband.”

“He’s a decent photographer however not [a good] Instagram photographer,” she said. “His photos are too cute for Instagram — they’re like me being a dork, in a robe.”

That said, “he takes nice photos,” Ratajkowski said of Bear-McClard, whom she married in February 2018.

When she’s not being photographed by a professional, Ratajkowski revealed some of her shots are a “group effort” — like the ones taken on a recent vacation.

“I was taking photos of my girlfriends, they were taking photos of me — we all got each other’s backs,” she said.

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